How to Get Pre-Approved For a New Home Loan


Home buyers who are planning on purchasing a home in the near future should consider all of their options before starting the search for homes. While real estate prices are always fluctuating, there are some things a buyer should think about prior to shopping for a home. One of these is the cost of a mortgage. Here are the major expenses to think about when saving funds for a new home:

Down payment: Depending on the type of loan you get, your down payment will depend largely on the amount of money you are able to borrow. Some traditional loans aimed at first time home buyers with good credit allow as low as 3%, although even a modest down payment may be difficult to come by, see sell my house fast. For those who cannot obtain a conventional loan, there are several alternative financing sources that do not require as much down, such as the FHA and VA loans.

If you have decent credit and plan on purchasing in the near future, there are two good options to consider, FHA loans and VA loans. Both offer lower interest rates and flexible terms than most conventional loans. For example, a person with good to excellent credit can find an FHA loan that has a term of fifteen years and a price range of one-half to two-thirds of the property's value. In contrast, a person with less than ideal credit can obtain a VA loan that has a term of thirty years and a price range of one-third to one-half of the property's value.

Lenders may offer various discount points or non-interest rate fees to potential borrowers who qualify. The exact terms and conditions for these discounts or fees vary by lender, so it is best to research your options before making any commitments. Another consideration for potential borrowers is whether the financial protection offered may be increased should they ever borrow more money. Many borrowers automatically assume that they will receive some type of protection should they make a purchase.

If you own your home and plan on using it as your primary residence, you will also want to get pre-approved. Although many lenders may offer pre-approved mortgage rates to first-time home buyers, there is usually an application fee. In order to get pre-approved, you will need to bring all of your personal information together, including your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, employment history and your current home owners insurance policy. You will also need to provide documentation that relates to your employment history and current home owners insurance policy, visit we buy homes for more. Lenders will review this information to determine whether you are a good candidate for financing.

One of the best things about first-time home buyer programs is the availability of low down payments. In order to get pre-approved, you will typically have to pay a minimal deposit, which is refunded if you are approved for a mortgage loan. Lenders may offer attractive interest rates, and the terms of the loans are generally easy to understand. If you would like more information regarding first-time home buyer programs, you can contact your local mortgage company or visit its website. There are numerous web sites that specialize in home mortgage loans and financial protection for buyers. Read more at